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many fallen flowers of Northern Catalpa arranged on a wooden park bench

Did you catch the Northern Catalpa flower show? What about the Tulip Trees? The next tree species to bloom is the Japanese Pagoda Tree. You can find the locations of Styphnolobium japonicum in the park on the NYC Parks Tree Map. (Or on the WSP Eco Map.)

Vegetation Types

When you visit the park, what do you notice about the vegetation? Do you see different types of combinations of plants? In our 2022 survey report, we have prepared a section about the park’s vegetation types and which bird species use them and in what ways. We will share a link to the report this summer. You can read reports from prior years on the Wildlife Survey page.

Here are some of the vegetation communities we feature in the survey report.

Forest layers (canopy trees, small trees, herbaceous layer)

Large trees over lawn

Ornamental trees over annuals or herbaceous perennials

Mixed perennials including shrubs

Open, mowed lawn

Ornamental annuals

What other plant communities have you noticed?

Tree Wonder

Deborah Chi, fine artist, led the June 4th session of Tree Wonder. Follow Deborah on Instagram @deborahchi_art.

There are three more sessions in June then Tree Wonder will pause until September. Join us on the 11th, 18th, 25th at 11 a.m. under the English Elm in the northwest corner of the park. Lucia Cozzi and Maria Bonomi will be the Visiting Artists on June 11th. Sessions are drop-in and free. We provide art materials. Check out the project on Instagram @TreeWonderWSP.


Photo by Gift Habeshaw via

We’ve got volunteer opportunities for the birder, the tree person, the visual communicator among you. Tell us how you’d like to help.

Thank you to the folks who surveyed birds in May!