A large pile of Christmas trees waiting to be chipped into mulch.

Nature News – Turned Over a New Leaf

Did you get the idiom in the title? Speaking of leaves, when you visit the park at this time of year, the leaves you’ll see are evergreen–broadleaf (ex: hollies) and needle-leaf (ex: Eastern White Pine). Look at the Mulch Fest pile! It has grown. If you participate, remove decorations, plastic, any and everything that’s fake.

yoshino cherry blossoms in Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park Nature News – Apr 2021

Trees It is blossom time! The Yoshino cherry and magnolias are putting on a stunning show right now. The cornelian cherry, a dogwood, has already flowered, but look out for the flowering dogwood. The maples and elms flowered and are now putting out leaves (red maple) or fruit (silver maple and elms). The next cherry

Washington Square Park Nature News – Feb 2021

In the rush of joy about the election of Warnock and Ossoff in Georgia, followed by the infuriating and terrifying insurrection on the Capitol, and then the glow of excellence at the Inauguration of Biden and Harris, we failed to publish a January newsletter! The iconic Englism elm in the northwest corner of the park

Washington Square Park Nature News – Dec 2020

The birdy stuff Explore Birds From Home is back! We are offering TWO STEAMy classes this month. Join us on Dec 9th and Dec 16th, both days at 3:30 pm ET. Free and fun and great for 5-10 year olds. Register here. The FOURTH episode of Your Bird Story will be released on Thursday, Dec10th.

Yoshion cherry, fall foliage, Nov 2020, Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park Nature News – Nov 2020

Thank you for being a voter during the recent General Election. We are excited about the next steps in the movements for racial equity and environmental justice. We wrapped up Explore Birds From Home last month. We had lots of STEAMy fun! Check out some of the objects created by the youth participants. Many of

Green ash leaf

Washington Square Park Nature News – Oct 2020

This initiative is led by a Black woman and its bird program is run by a white woman accomplice. Black Lives Matter to us, still! We encourage you to complete the 2020 Census and to vote. Vote early and in-person, if you can do so safely. There are three sessions remaining in Explore Birds From

Washington Square Park Nature News – Jun 2020

I am writing this newsletter with a very heavy heart. The racial animus that has led to the deaths of and threats to too many Black lives is frightening, appalling, and maddening. Action is necessary right now. You can call or write to your elected officials to demand substantive and sustainable reforms.  You can march with racial

Red-tailed hawks perched on a church cross

Washington Square Park Nature News – May 2020

The Covid-19 situation in New York and elsewhere remains grim. We hope you and all your loved ones are well and safe. Our in-person public programs are still on hold, but we have resumed our bird survey and plant phenology monitoring programs with appropriate physical distancing protocols. For official park status updates, please visit the

Yoshino cherry, Washington Square Park, March 2020

Washington Square Park Nature News – Apr 2020

We hope this newsletter finds you and yours healthy and safe. Our wildlife and plant phenology surveys, the EXPLORE BIRDS education program, and related community science experiences are on hold. We miss spending time in the park. We will miss observing the changes in the trees and shrubs, the arrival of migratory birds, and the