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European Holly leaves

Plants are leafing out in…Florida, Texas, and parts of California and the Southwest! Check out the USA NPN Status of Spring tracker for more information. Would you like to take a guess when the first leaf will appear in the park?

The leaves pictured above are European Holly, which is a broadleaf evergreen shrub. The plant’s leaves are broad—not needle-like—and aren’t all shed in the autumn. The leaves below belong to a Deodar Cedar, a coniferous evergreen. A conifer is a needle-leaved (or scaled-leaved) plant.

Deodar Cedar needles

Bird Art Open Studio

Northern Flicker

Bird Art Open Studio was a success! Watch this space for the next date.


Jan. 25: NYC Urban Bird Explorers webinars (see below)

Feb. 19: Save the date for the following events and watch this space for registration information.

Great Backyard Bird Count

Winter Buds Scouting

Feb. 29: We are a partner in the 2024 Cherry Blossom Prediction Competition! Submit your predictions for peak cherry bloom in the park. We will share more information in a future newsletter.


Be a NYC Urban Bird Explorer in 2024. Registration is open for *this* Thursday, January 25, 7pm.