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two red flowering Crape Myrtles

We have been tree lovers since forever. This post is devoted to some of the trees in the park. Shown above are two Crape Myrtles blooming with red flowers. Is the Crape Myrtle a tree or a shrub? (shrug emoji) This woody plant has a three month flowering season. Red, purple, pink, white flowers? There is at least a cultivar for each color.

Tree Wonder WSP Fall 2023

black silhouette of the English Elm in the park on white background by Kristin Jones

We cannot wait for the Fall 2023 season of Tree Wonder WSP, the drawing program collaborative of Kristin Jones / BEHOLD, Janice Fuld, and us. Stay tuned for the calendar. Browse the March 2022 – June 2023 archive. (Image: Kristin Jones)

Fruit Finder

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” is attributed to Albert Camus. There is delight in between these two seasons though. Peer into the leaves to see fruits that will sustain wildlife in the fall and winter. Use the Fruit Finder information below and the NYC Tree Map to explore tree fruits in the park.