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Image: Green ash leaf

This initiative is led by a Black woman and its bird program is run by a white woman accomplice. Black Lives Matter to us, still! We encourage you to complete the 2020 Census and to vote. Vote early and in-person, if you can do so safely.

A pair of binoculars made in the kick-off class.

There are three sessions remaining in Explore Birds From Home, a free STEAM course all about birds! Join us and KoKo NYC on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 21, and 28 at 3:30 pm ET. This program is funded by a 2020 LMCC Creative Engagement grant. Register here.

Looking for a new podcast? Subscribe to Your Bird Story on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. We’ve released two episodes; the first one is about tanagers and the second one focuses on the Northern cardinal. Another podcast to consider is SpaceBus. Georgia explained the colors of fall foliage on this science podcast for kids.

Image: Aster

With the change in daylight and temperature, leaves in the park are slowing their production of chlorophyll which is revealing underlying pigments such as orange and yellow. One example is the green ash leaf pictured at the top. Fall perennials are flowering now. American asters, shown above, are spectacular! We’re also monitoring birds in the park and we’ve seen many species of warblers. Take a look at our most recent bird checklist on eBird.

Please reach out to us with any natural history questions about the park. Our email is We are happy to answer them if we can.

P.S. Watch a demo of a pecking machine made during the Woodpecker session.