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A star magnolia bud with remnant fuzzy bud scales at the base of the petals.

Last week the showy-flowering magnolias and ornamental cherries began to reveal their petals. The photo above is of a Star Magnolia flower emerged from a terminal bud. Leaves are also housed in the terminal buds of this species. This flower is not open phenologically speaking–the petals are still obscuring the reproductive organs.

A star magnolia flower damaged by cold temperatures.

Outside of their warm and fuzzy buds, the emergent flowers were no match for the recent brutally cold air. Many, if not most, of the flowers on this Star Magnolia have been frost bitten.

A hermit thrush perched on a low wire fence. Bird profile in view.

The first Hermit Thrush of 2022! Paraphrasing a fellow birder, this thrush signals the start of spring migration. Let us know what birds you are seeing or hearing in the park or elsewhere. Record a voice memo and email the file to us.

Images of an ipad planner. Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events. We will provide details as the dates draw closer.

April 22, Earth Day, Union Square
April 29, City Nature Challenge, Washington Square Park
Sundays in April, Street Lab EXPLORE, Chelsea Market

Educators and artists, we have a bird specimen loan program. Ask us about it!

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