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The birdy stuff

Explore Birds From Home is back! We are offering TWO STEAMy classes this month. Join us on Dec 9th and Dec 16th, both days at 3:30 pm ET. Free and fun and great for 5-10 year olds. Register here.

The FOURTH episode of Your Bird Story will be released on Thursday, Dec10th. Listen wherever you tune into other podcasts.

Image: Immature red-tailed hawk, Loyan Beausoleil

We continue to monitor the red-tailed hawk pair in the park as well as other “winter” birds. We will participate in this year’s Christmas Bird Count and the Great Backyard Bird Count in February 2021.

Image: Dawn redwood leaves

All about the trees

Many of the trees in the park are post-peak for fall color or bare of leaves. Did you miss leaf peeping in the park? See our fall foliage photos on Instagram.

Image: Star magnolia flower bud

Now that many of the leaves have fallen, we can really focus in on leaf and flower buds. We will be posting photographs of these botanical bundles all winter. Follow us on Instagram.

How old is the oldest living tree in the park? The English elm in the northwest corner of the park is approximately 341 years old this year. We are basing this estimate on the NYC Parks Department that pegged the tree at 310 years old in 1989. Please reach out to us with your natural history questions about the park. Our email is We are happy to answer them if we can.