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We’ve been spending lots of time looking in physical and digital archives and collections for different projects. Even when we aren’t focused on WSP, the park is never far from our minds. Here are four historic photos that capture the seasons of the park.

A snowy day in the park. Too bad we are in a snow drought! Source: NYU Archives. Date: Circa 1950-1959.

Washington Arch, Spring. Source: Phillips Collection. Date: circa 1893, Childe Hassam.

The title of this photo is “People gathered at public space, possibly Washington Square Park.” This is definitely WSP! The fountain is a giveaway. Source: Library of Congress. Date: September 1953, Anthony Angel.

A challenge with black and white photos is you can’t tell if the leaves are showing fall color. Source: Library of Congress. Date: October 1953, Angelo Rizzuto.

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