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Open flowers of Yoshino Cherry tree.

Predict when the Yoshino Cherry will bloom in Washington Square Park

Submit your predictions for cherry bloom time in 5 cities: Washington, D.C. and New York City (USA), Kyoto (Japan), Liestal-Weideli (Switzerland), and Vancouver BC. This is the first year NYC is participating and the candidate Yoshino Cherry tree is in Washington Square Park! The International Cherry Blossom Prediction Competition provides the data (and a pot

European Holly leaves partially covered with snow.

Is Spring 2024 on Its Way in Washington Square Park?

Plants are leafing out in…Florida, Texas, and parts of California and the Southwest! Check out the USA NPN Status of Spring tracker for more information. Would you like to take a guess when the first leaf will appear in the park? The leaves pictured above are European Holly, which is a broadleaf evergreen shrub. The