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A tree spray painted in Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park – Jul 202

We don’t have an official statement about the protest marks on the monuments in the park, but we have to speak out against the defacement of trees in the park. Trees are living beings, not objects, with inherent rights to exist and thrive. Please do not “tag” the trees in Washington Square Park or elsewhere.

Washington Square Park – Jun 2020

I am writing this newsletter with a very heavy heart. The racial animus that has led to the deaths of and threats to too many Black lives is frightening, appalling, and maddening. Action is necessary right now. You can call or write to your elected officials to demand substantive and sustainable reforms.  You can march with racial

Red-tailed hawks perched on a church cross

Washington Square Park – May 2020

The Covid-19 situation in New York and elsewhere remains grim. We hope you and all your loved ones are well and safe. Our in-person public programs are still on hold, but we have resumed our bird survey and plant phenology monitoring programs with appropriate physical distancing protocols. For official park status updates, please visit the

Yoshino cherry, Washington Square Park, March 2020

Washington Square Park – Apr 2020

We hope this newsletter finds you and yours healthy and safe. Our wildlife and plant phenology surveys, the EXPLORE BIRDS education program, and related community science experiences are on hold. We miss spending time in the park. We will miss observing the changes in the trees and shrubs, the arrival of migratory birds, and the

Washington Square Park – Our Past Work, 2018-2014

The seed for Washington Square Park Eco Projects took root in 2013. We launched as WSP Ecology in 2014 with the park’s first online tree map, WSP Eco Map. The map also featured layer of Minetta Brook’s historic and contemporary flows. In 2016, we received our first permit to conduct a long-term wildlife survey from