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The seed for Washington Square Park Eco Projects took root in 2013. We launched as WSP Ecology in 2014 with the park’s first online tree map, WSP Eco Map. The map also featured layer of Minetta Brook’s historic and contemporary flows. We renamed the initiative to Eco Projects to signal our branching out. In 2016, we received our first permit from the NYC Parks Natural Resources Group to conduct a long-term wildlife survey. We designed and piloted Explore Birds, a mobile education program, in 2016 with Street Lab. The bird specimens, the central component of the education program, are prepared and exhibited under USFWS and NYS DEC permits. Our phenology monitoring program was launched in the fall 2019 (with a permit from the NYC Parks Natural Resources Group). Tune into Your Bird Story wherever you listen to podcasts. We are branching out again, collaborating with other parks and greenspaces to make biodiversity count!

Check out our accomplishments spanning the years 2014-2018.