Explore Birds is a pop-up bird education program designed with the Uni Project. The program is deployed in ways: (1) a table-top version when an organization contracts with Eco Projects or (2) an add-on to the Uni EXPLORE NYC science cart. In both cases, Eco Projects contributes the museum-quality bird specimens. We were mentored in the art and science of taxidermy at the American Museum of Natural History. We hold permits from the New York State Department of Conservation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife to possess the specimens for education and exhibit.

Our education collection of bird specimens is also available for classroom educators to use to complement science curricula. For example, a middle school science teacher at the Little Red Elisabeth Irwin used several of the specimens to illustrate species adaptations and to teach species identification. Also, the study skins have been used in a PreK bird curriculum at the University Plaza Nursery School.

Send us an email if you’d like to bring the EXPLORE BIRDS program to your school, library, community center, or playground, or to use the birds in your classroom. We also offer neighborhood street tree tours for schools. If you’d like the complete science exhibit, contact the Uni Project about its EXPLORE cart.